Relationship Sexual

This website is to support a feature length screenplay called “Relationship Sexual”. We're currently trying to get people to read this film script and come back with comments. You can view or download it from our View or Download Script page. You can also view the logline and a brief synopsis from the Logline & Synopsis Page.

The script is specifically designed for guerrilla movie producers/directors on an Ultra Low Budget. It's a controversial big brother sci-fi with all action set in 2 simple indoor sets.

In a future society, a group of 21 year old students believe the house they're in doesn't have cameras and computers analyzing everything they do. It'd be the first time in their life they've had this privacy.

The high jinks that occur and their consequences create the main plot which has a solid 'feel good' fairy tale structure. The story provides a canvas for thought provoking explorations on gender roles, sexual relationships and various issues relating to where our current society is heading.

The film is expected to have some erotic visual content but it is far from pornographic. The picture on the left shows an example of a body painted costume similar to that anticipated for the girls in the second half of the script.

The script also has some interesting sexually explicit dialog but it never resorts to foul language. Depending on how it's directed and filmed it should be able to be shown in standard cinemas or standard broadcast TV.

Most of the story is set in an 'antique' lounge room that looks just like a typical year 2000 lounge room. The remaining parts of the story are set in an old hall/gymnasium.

Please go our Download Page to download a copy of this screenplay.