Relationship Sexual

Logline & Synopsis


In a future society, the result of a goody two shoes accidentally breaking a promise is that all her friends lives are going to be destroyed. Her only recourse involves dangerous criminal actions.


Set sometime in our future, a group of young adults believe they'll have a couple of hours out of camera and the associated computer analysis that allows their parents, lecturers and government to monitor their every move. Although 21 years of age, they've never experienced this privacy. A concerned lecturer decides to secretly monitor their activities.

The high jinks that occur end up having serious consequences. When all appears lost, our strong brave goody two shoes heroine shows brilliance, and daring to win through against all the odds and save everyone. After saving everybody she adds a surprise twist in order to capture the affection of the object of her desire.

While this portrayal has big brother aspects, it is a non apocalyptic portrayal of our future society with a government that is no more oppressive, authoritarian, or repressive than would be reasonably expected from a slightly more right wing government.

Apparent changes in gender roles stand out. The stories within are thought provoking explorations of relationships, particularly sexual relationships, between young men and women in this future society.

This is Menippean Satire, similar to the satire in “Gulliver's Travels” or that of “Alice in Wonderland”.